How Much Is The Xbox 360 Worth?

No matter whether you’re buying or selling an Xbox 360, the prices will always seem to fluctuate. It can be based on the console’s age, condition it’s in or even the amount of peripherals that it comes with. Either way, it’s extremely important to understand how much an Xbox 360 is worth so you’re not getting a bad deal.

So, just how much is an Xbox 360 worth today?


Should I Buy An Xbox 360 Today?

Considering all of the backwards compatibility to date with all of the newer Xbox consoles such as the Xbox One, Series X and S you’d be hard pressed to even still look for an Xbox 360 today.

There are completely valid reasons to do so. Firstly, certain games that required the Kinect sensor are not compatible on the Series X or S.

Secondly, the modding capabilities of the Xbox 360 brings a new life into the console. Being able to play games from other regions (such as the amazing lineup of shmups in Japan) opens up the door for an entirely new library that you may have not known about or be able to play previously.

Considering the Xbox 360 originally came out all the way back in 2005, it’s definitely not the newest console on the block. The fantastic library of games and options for modding makes it a good choice for someone looking to play great games at a reasonable price.

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