Games Like Until Dawn: 15 Alternatives for Horror and Thriller Fans

In 2015, the PlayStation 4 version of the survival-horror game Until Dawn brought to us fans.

The storyline of the game centers on a group of teens who are stranded on a lonely mountain retreat and must endure till daybreak while being hunted by paranormal entities.

We’ll look at some of these related games in this post because of the game’s popularity. Continue reading if you liked Until Dawn and want to find more games like it.


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What is Until Dawn?

Games Like Until Dawn

Let’s take a deeper look at Until Dawn before we get into the comparison with other games. A single-player video game called Until Dawn blends interactive drama and survival horror components. The story of the game centers on a group of eight teens who are staying for the weekend in a far-off mountain cabin. They are being pursued by an unknown killer as the night wears on, and they must cooperate to live until daylight.

You’ll have to make decisions and actions throughout the game affect the game’s branching plot. Each choice the you often make will have an impact on the story’s resolution and determines which of the eight characters will live to see the finish.

1. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Games Like Until Dawn 1. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

The same company that created Until Dawn, Supermassive Games, has released a series of standalone horror games called The Dark Pictures Anthology. The first game in the series,

There are many choices available if you loved Until Dawn and are seeking for games that are comparable. There is a game on this list that will satisfy your craving for horror, whether you’re seeking for immersive VR experiences, branching tales, or spooky atmospheric thrills.

These games, which range from Until Dawn: Horror Nights to The Dark Films Anthology: Man of Medan, provide distinctive and captivating experiences that will have you on the edge of your seat. In order to prepare for some spine-tingling horrors, turn down the lights, put on your headphones, and sit down.


Is Until Dawn a multiplayer game?

  • No, Until Dawn is a single-player game.

Can I play Until Dawn on PC?

  • Until Dawn was developed exclusively for PlayStation 4 and is not available on PC.

Is The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan a sequel to Until Dawn?

  • While The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan was developed by the same team that created Until Dawn, it is not a direct sequel.

Is Oxenfree a scary game?

Can I play Night in the Woods on consoles?

  • Yes, Night in the Woods is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, as well as PC.

Is Heavy Rain a horror game?

  • While Heavy Rain deals with some dark and unsettling themes, it’s more of a thriller than a horror game.

Does Beyond: Two Souls have multiple endings?

  • Yes, Beyond: Two Souls gives you a branching narrative and multiple endings depending on the choice that you’ve made.

Is Until Dawn: Blood Rush worth playing?

  • If you’re a fan of the Until Dawn universe and enjoy the franchise, Until Dawn: Blood Rush is definitely worth checking out.

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