Games Like Genshin Impact

You’ve come to the correct spot if you enjoy Genshin Impact and want to explore games that are similar to it. Genshin Impact is a hugely popular action role-playing game with a compelling narrative, wide environment, and breathtaking graphics. Millions of gamers all across the world have fallen in love with it, and its ubiquity is only increasing.

We’ll be covering a wide variety of choices that you will be able to sink your teeth into. We’ll go through the in depth features relating to the following items:

  • Gameplay features
  • Narrative
  • Mechanics of each game

These highlights will be selected in order to give you a thorough understanding of what to expect when playing these games like Genshin Impact.

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1. Honkai Impact 3rd

games like genshin impact Honkai Impact 3rd

In Honkai Impact 3rd, hack-and-slash action and RPG components are combined in a distinctive way. Players adopt the character of a Valkyrie, a formidable warrior entrusted with defending mankind against the Honkai, a mysterious entity that poses a threat to the globe, in the game, which is set in a futuristic environment.

Gamers have a variety of Valkyries to pick from, each with its own specialties and playing styles. Players use a combination of melee strikes, ranged attacks, and special talents to destroy adversaries in the game’s fast-paced and dynamic combat system.

You’ll have to assume the role of a survivor on board a devastated space station in Breathedge. You need to scour the debris for materials, then utilise those materials to construct tools and equipment that will help them survive. There are many different places to explore in the game’s expansive and open universe, from abandoned space stations to asteroid fields.

The unique crafting system that enables you to make basic necessities like food, water, and oxygen tanks as well as more complex goods like a spacesuit and a jetpack. These things are essential for the player’s survival since they enable them to feed, hydrate, and breathe their character while they explore the hostile vacuum of space.


Genshin Impact gives you such an open-world environment where you can discover Teyvat’s huge and stunning planet. It’s a game that has allowed for many to use as inspiration and leverage it’s features to spawn many clones.1

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