10 Best Dragon Ball Fan Games

Have you ever dreamed you could channel your inner Saiyan, gain Goku’s strength, or join your favourite Dragon Ball characters on amazing adventures?

You’re in for a treat if you’re a fan of this well-known anime and manga series!

Your desires could come true in the vibrant world of Dragon Ball fan games.

The instant Akira Toriyama put pen to paper, Dragon Ball enchanted millions of people all around the world. It has become a cultural phenomenon thanks to the storyline, characters, and jaw-dropping combat.

But what happens when the fans themselves take the reins of creativity and craft their unique Dragon Ball experiences?

Dragon Ball fan games are a testament to the unwavering love and dedication of the global Dragon Ball community. These games aren’t just pixels and code; they’re a labor of love, a fusion of fandom and talent that gives us a chance to dive headfirst into the Dragon Ball universe.


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10. Dragon Block C

Best Dragon Ball Fan Games Dragon Block C

Dragon Block C’s Ki “Energy” system is at its centre. This mechanic allows players to tap into the mystical power of Ki, just like our beloved Saiyan warriors. You may conduct impressive energy attacks with the help of this system, increase your power level, and fully immerse yourself in the Dragon Ball universe.

An iconic equipment from the Dragon Ball series, the Scouter, is completely redesigned in Dragon Block C. This device has four distinct functions, each of which can be accessed by pressing a single key. It not only can identify other players, but it also adds a very astounding level of authenticity to the game.

A Dragon Ball story wouldn’t be complete without epic tales. A strong Sagas system in Dragon Block C immerses players in the most well-known Dragon Ball universe plots. In the universe of Dragon Ball, relive your favourite moments, fight powerful adversaries, and control your own fate.

Ever dreamt of summoning Shenron and making your wishes come true? In Dragon Block C, you can!

Shenron himself will show out to fulfil your wishes if you arrange seven Dragon Blocks in the shape of a “H” on the ground and right-click the centre one. And now that there are five wishes available, the options are almost limitless.

Plus, Namek Dragon Balls offer triple the wish-granting power!

9. Heroes United And Heroes United 2

Best Dragon Ball Fan Games Heroes United And Heroes United 2

As the Alpha Sphere breaks open in the mysterious Null Void, releasing Alpha in his flaming but normal-sized form, our adventure starts. He declares triumphantly, “I am free!” His voyage, however, takes an unexpected turn when he comes across a brilliant nanite.

He was shocked to discover that it was the Beta Nanite, the very first Nanite ever made!

Now that he has the Beta Nanite in his possession, Alpha’s evil purposes are obvious. A vile laugh leaves his lips as he imagines using its power to wreak havoc on everything in his path. Once Alpha consumes the Beta Nanite, a metamorphosis takes place that turns it into a powerful robotic being that resembles the image above.

His once-turquoise appearance is now cloaked in an unsettling shade of grey, which is a startling reversal. A titanic conflict that will decide the future of both of their universes is about to take place.

8. ZEQ2

Best Dragon Ball Fan Games ZEQ2

In the vibrant world of Dragon Ball fan games, one name shines brightly: ZEQ2. But what sets this fan-created masterpiece apart from the rest?

Fundamentally, ZEQ2-Lite is more than just a fan game; it represents the love and devotion of a dedicated community. This open-sourced project offers a gaming experience close to the spirit of Dragon Ball Z thanks to its base of the heavily modified ioQuake3 engine. Also, it features genuine DBZ gameplay and aesthetics that will thrill any enthusiast.

Yet ZEQ2-Lite’s adaptability is really what makes it stand out. Players can control character skills, world particle effects, forms, transformations, music playlists, and more with the use of a unique particle system and a vast assortment of configuration files.

What’s best?

You don’t have to be an expert programmer to use these features. ZEQ2-Lite opens the door to user mod development, enabling players to customise the game to their liking.

7. Dragon Ball Unreal

Best Dragon Ball Fan Games Unreal

Now, I know you’re probably ready to get started, but let’s establish the scene first. Despite being without a doubt great, Dragon Ball Unreal is still in its infancy. This indicates that dedicated developers are actively trying to make it even better as you read.

What is the most recent information about Dragon Ball Unreal?

The creators released their most recent public demo in March 2019, and guess what?

It’s there for you to possess right now!

This sample offers a tantalising preview of what’s to come and exemplifies the fan-made masterpiece’s boundless potential.

Yet, there’s still more. You’re in luck if you like to have your Dragon Ball fix close at hand and you’re constantly on the run. A mobile version demo is also available for download. Yep, you read that correctly; wherever you are, you can unleash your inner Saiyan by carrying the entire Dragon Ball universe in your pocket.

6. Dragon Ball Devolution

Best Dragon Ball Fan Games Devolution

Our narrative starts in 1999, the year Dragon Ball Z Tribute was first conceived. Deep appreciation for Akira Toriyama’s amazing accomplishment—the production of the 42-volume Dragon Ball series that ran from 1984 to 1995—was the impetus for this big project.

The graphic design of the GameBoy role-playing game Dragon Ball Z Goku Gekitouden had a significant impact on the game’s enthusiastic fan. The endearing, super-deformed (SD) character drawings were what first sparked an idea. Making an action-packed Dragon Ball experience was the ultimate goal.

The creative developer started this adventure as a high school student with little money. With a Ti-89 calculator, I first learned how to programme, but the journey was rocky, especially when it came to learning the complexities of assembly programming.

Despite the obstacles, the desire to honour Toriyama’s masterwork persisted. In 2004, the dream was brought back to life. Using Flash 5 and Actionscript, the core of Dragon Ball Z Tribute was ported to the PC platform.

5. Dragon Ball Z Team Training

Best Dragon Ball Fan Games Team Training

The brainchild of Z-Max, Dragon Ball Z Team Training has taken the gaming community by storm. It’s a brilliant fusion of Pokémon’s gameplay mechanics with the thrilling essence of Dragon Ball. Whether you’re a die-hard Pokémon trainer or a seasoned Z Fighter, this mod is sure to leave you captivated.

As the Dragon Ball universe keeps expanding, so does this remarkable mod. Updates, including new fighters, items, and exciting content, roll out approximately twice a year. While there’s no fixed schedule, you can stay in the loop by following the official Facebook page managed by Z-Max.

4. Dragon Ball Z Mini Warriors

Best Dragon Ball Fan Games Mini Warriors

Dragon Ball Z: Mini Warriors is a project that’s set to bring the iconic DBZ fighting style to life. Created using Game Maker, it’s a labor of love that’s still in progress, promising a thrilling experience for fans of the series.

The heart-pounding action and intense battles await you in Dragon Ball Z: Mini Warriors. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a Dragon Ball Z fan looking to immerse yourself in this dynamic universe, this fan game promises an adrenaline-packed experience like no other.

3. Dragon Ball Super Climax

Best Dragon Ball Fan Games Super Climax

The creative Danteg9 created a fan-made game that was released in 2018 that pays homage to the golden age of gaming. It is a well-known fighting game that has won the hearts of countless Dragon Ball fans.

The MUGEN-powered masterpiece Dragon Ball Super Climax, which runs on Windows, brings the Dragon Ball Super series to life on your computer. Indeed, it is completely free.

What distinguishes Dragon Ball Super Climax from the rest of the pact?

You get the chance to assume the roles of Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and the rest of the iconic cast thanks to its magnificent cast of adored characters from the Dragon Ball Super series. In order to keep you up to date with the most recent additions to the Dragon Ball universe, it also includes the “new” Broly from the Dragon Ball Super movie.

2. Dragon Ball Demon Breaker

Best Dragon Ball Fan Games Demon Breaker

The Dragon Ball Demon Breaker demo promises an electrifying hack ‘n slash experience. Here, players step into the shoes of the valiant Trunks, known and beloved by fans of the series.

As previous demonstrations, this sneak look will offer a brief glance into the game’s environment and give eager players the chance to take on the role of Trunks as he battles armies of threatening demons inside the mighty Saiyan Palace.

The goal of Dragon Ball Demon Breaker is to change how players view Saiyan fighting. The inventive brains at Saiya-Slash and Atlas Studios are working to provide a more profound and engaging combat experience than past anime-based games by drawing inspiration from the well-known Devil May Cry franchise.

1. Hyper Dragon Ball Z

Best Dragon Ball Fan Games Hyper Dragon Ball Z

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go: Hyper Dragon Ball Z is and always will be 100% free.

You won’t find pesky advertisements cluttering up our YouTube videos or websites. Why?

Because we’re not in this for profit; They are in this for the love of the game and the Dragon Ball universe.

Ever wonder what powers the magic of Hyper Dragon Ball Z?

It’s M.U.G.E.N., a remarkable free gaming engine with a legacy spanning two decades. This engine has fostered a passionate community since its inception, and it’s this very community that has made our game possible. Without the dedication of fans like you, Hyper Dragon Ball Z wouldn’t be the phenomenon it is today.


We have personally experienced how the Dragon Ball universe continues to enthral and inspire fans all across the world as we have explored the astonishing array of fan games, from pixelated brawls to immersive RPGs.

It serves as evidence of both the works’ ongoing legacy and the fandom’s unending creative potential.

We’ve also come to realise how crucial it is to help the real developers of these fan games. These games are particularly remarkable since they provide the certainty of a scam-free experience on the official websites, the heart of authenticity in M.U.G.E.N., and the vibrant community spirit.

But this isn’t the end of it. Like the ever-expanding Dragon Ball universe itself, our adventure is ongoing. We invite you to explore further, download, play, and spread the word about these treasures created by fans to your friends and other fans.

And keep in mind that you are a crucial component of this collaborative effort if you run into any faults or have suggestions for improvement. Your opinion counts, and it can influence how Dragon Ball fan games develop in the future.

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