Contra Hard Corps (Sega Genesis) Retro Review

In 1988,

The audio department has a few memorable tracks and the ones that are great have that genesis grit to them. Some of the others just felt a bit too generic for me.

There are also secrets that can be found like in stage three just before breaking the first door, the player can actually climb up the wall and find a mysterious character. One of the bosses actually turns out the be one that resembles Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series. This is definitely a nice addition and a node to Konami’s other classic franchise.

I like that there are a good variety of stages that are unlocked based on the branch that you take.

With 13 overall stages, compared to Contra 3 The Alien Wars on the Super Nintendo that has only six. Growing up as a Nintendo kid, I wished I had Contra Hard Corps over Contra 3: The Alien Wars on my console of choice.

Sega Mega Drive owners definitely got a different experience. It uses the same gameplay experience but gave you all the extras. Contra Hard Corps delivers on a great run and gun shooter that has great graphics and a big difficulty curve. With many playable characters and branching storyline, Contra Hard Corps will keep you busy for quite some time.

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