Castlevania Dracula X (Super Nintendo) Review

Towards the end of the Super Nintendo lifecycle, there was one more Castlevania game Konami had up their sleeve. Castlevania Dracula X is a bit of a black sheep in the series.


Another major downside of Dracula X is that it’s extremely short for a Super Nintendo game. It’s only got seven stages and the stages are fairly short. It feels like the difficulty of the game was ramped up to make the game feel longer to finish.

Maria – The playable character in the PC engine title Rondo of Blood has also been excluded from this game.

The pricing of this game here in North America has gone parabolic. You do have a few options to pick up a copy on the Wii U or 3ds virtual consoles.

So, Should you play it? I would only recommend Castlevania Dracula X if you’re sick of Super Castlevania 4 or enjoy the earlier NES titles.

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