10 Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8, Burning Rubber!

Have you wondered, what are the best wheels in Mario Kart 8?

Well, look no further, because we’ve got the insider scoop that will leave you zooming past your competition and taking those hairpin turns like a pro.

We’re pressing the pedal to the metal in this supercharged blog post as we delve into the heart of Mario Kart 8, learning the truths behind the most amazing wheel options the game has to offer. You’re in for a treat if you’ve ever pondered how to gain an advantage on the track or which wheels may make your kart seem like it’s gliding on a rainbow.

But hold on, let’s clear the smoke from the pit stop and answer the crucial query: Why even matter the right wheels? My fellow speedsters, the wheels you attach to your kart are more than simply decorative accents; they are your pass to improved performance and utmost dominance. Consider them as the shoes you wear when racing, as they will affect your grip, acceleration, handling, and overall skill.


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10. Slick

Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8 Slick

Imagine yourself navigating the vibrant bends and curves of Mario Kart’s thrilling tracks. Your life depends on careful handling when you find yourself on a twisting stretch unexpectedly. In such circumstances, the Slick Wheels shine like a ray of hope, providing a seamless blend of excellent handling and exhilarating acceleration.

The Slick Wheels’ smooth traction on the pavement will let you unleash your inner speed demon, enabling you to hug turns with grace and take risky detours like a real pro. The Slick Wheels respond with an acceleration boost that moves you in front of the pack when it’s time to hit the afterburners and leave your competitors in the dust. But the magic doesn’t stop there.

9. Azure Roller

Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8 Azure Roller

Are you prepared to dominate Mario Kart 8’s narrowest and most difficult layouts, leaving your rivals in your wake? The game-changing Azure Roller Wheels are your ticket to a world of high-speed thrills and uncompromising traction, so look no further.

Heart-pounding acceleration and unshakeable traction are two essential characteristics that these extraordinary wheels deliver in an unmatched combination. The Azure Roller Wheels give you the traction you need to master the track with dexterity and accuracy as you go through the tight corners and cramped spaces.

But it goes further than that. When it’s time to let your inner speed demon go, the Azure Roller Wheels are your secret weapon. Your ability to accelerate quickly will allow you to take out from the starting line like a lightning bolt, leaving your competitors in your wake and earning the coveted pole position.

Azure Rollers are perfect for 200cc courses!

8. Crimson Slim

Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8 Crimson Slim

The rubbery Crimson Slim Wheels have a sneaky move up their sleeves. These wheels give you a slight but significant mini-turbo boost when you skilfully drift through curves and master the art of timing. It’s the kind of boost that distinguishes winners from competitors by providing you with a key burst of speed just when you need it.

The Crimson Slim Wheels are designed with precision handling in mind. These wheels respond to your every command with astonishing precision, whether you’re gently navigating through narrow spaces or elegantly drifting through wide stretches. It’s like your kart and the road are directly connected, giving you the ability to carve your racing line with unmatched accuracy.

7. Cyber Slick

Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8 Cyber Slick

The Cyber Slick Wheels display their exceptional handling abilities while you race through narrow streets and sharp corners. These wheels respond with grace and precision, helping you to keep control even in the most difficult situations, making every curve an occasion to show off your skill.

The key to success is grip, and the Cyber Slick Wheels excel at providing it. These wheels ensure that you stay stuck to the road whether you’re swerving around a slick turn or speeding through a course littered with obstacles, leaving your rivals unable to catch up.

We loved zipping through the Mario Kart 8 tracks with our Cyber Slicks!

6. Button

Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8 Button

Hang on to your steering wheels, fellow racers, for the Button Wheels are about to give your Mario Kart experience an adrenaline boost! These tiny powerhouses are the ideal partners for those narrow, winding tracks that call for quick reactions and the elegance of a genuine karting master.

Picture yourself hurtling through the narrow passages of the complex circuits of Mushroom Kingdom. The Button Wheels are not simply an option; they are your go-to tool for success on these small courses. You’ll launch off the starting line like a cannonball with high-octane acceleration at your disposal, taking the lead right away.

5. Sponge

Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8 Sponge

As we reveal the amazing Sponge Wheels in Mario Kart 8, be ready to go on a riveting karting adventure unlike any other! These wheels are more than simply an option; they’re your best bet for retaining absolute control around every bend and converting your kart into a precise tool for racing.

Your dependable allies, The Sponge Wheels, have an amazing capacity to grip the pavement unlike anything else. These wheels offer a high-traction hug that guarantees your kart stays securely on the route, leaving your competitors scrambling to keep up, making every bend an opportunity to demonstrate your mastery.

The art of the mini-turbo, though, is an even greater wonder that the Sponge Wheels bring to the table. These wheels reward your dexterity with a mini-turbo boost that drives you forward with a thrilling burst of speed as you gently glide around turns and skilfully navigate through complex mazes. Every corner becomes a launchpad thanks to this boost, which gives you the advantage you need to outpace the competitors.

4. Wood

Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8 wood

As all-purpose buddies, The Wood Wheels rise to the challenge by achieving a balance between essential qualities. These wheels excel in a variety of conditions thanks to their balanced stats, showcasing their skill on tracks ranging from vast speedways to challenging obstacle courses.

But what really distinguishes the Wood Wheels is their understated but significant acceleration boost. You’ll feel a slight but energising burst of speed as you step on the throttle and sprint forward, giving you an advantage over the competitors. It’s evidence of the skill these wheels add to your kart’s performance, enabling you to exploit quick opportunities and take the lead when it counts.

The Wood Wheels are the perfect example of how to be versatile. Flexibility is the word of the game. These wheels give a touch of refinement that fits naturally to your racing style, whether you’re an experienced racer searching for a dependable option or a newbie seeking a balanced edge.

We thought the Wood Wheels are an amazing choice for the 200cc tracks!

3. Roller

Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8 Roller

Imagine speeding down a track that flawlessly combines heart-pounding turns and quick straightaways. The Roller Wheels are up to the task of becoming your dependable allies, providing a wonderful balance that guarantees you maintain total control in every circumstance. These wheels respond to your every order with accuracy and finesse, whether you’re negotiating a hairpin bend or speeding down a straight stretch.

But, the magic continues after that. Prepare yourself for the mini-thrilling turbo’s boost, which distinguishes the Roller Wheels as a true force to be reckoned with. These wheels reward your skill with a burst of supercharged energy, putting you in front of the pack and securing your position as you deftly drift around curves and master the art of timing.

2. Leaf

Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8 Leaf

Imagine yourself speeding through a colourful, grass-covered track with the natural carpet of the world covering every turn and curve. With a connection to the actual ground you’re racing on, the Leaf Wheels turn become your secret weapon. These wheels carry you forward like a gust of wind thanks to their exceptional capacity to offer a little speed boost on grass, enabling you to maintain momentum and outrun your rivals.

Nevertheless, it’s not only about speed; the Leaf Wheels represent a closer bond between the racer and the track. You’ll become adept at the course’s subtleties as you manoeuvre the grassy areas with dexterity and accuracy, making the most of every opportunity to your advantage. Using the Leaf Wheels as your partner, you can perform a symphony of speed and control. It’s like dancing with nature itself.

The Leaf Wheels are renowned for their versatility. These wheels provide a tactical advantage that can tip a race in your favour, whether you’re competing on tracks that are primarily made of grass or just passing through grassy areas.

1. Gold Tires

Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8 Gold Tires

Your dependable allies, the Gold Tires, provide superb traction and handling that turn your kart into a beacon of stability. With these wheels’ tenacious hold on the pavement, every slick surface becomes your playground for mastery, enabling you to keep your composure and confidence in the face of difficulty.

The Gold Tires capacity to appear effortless while performing the impossible is, however, their genuine marvel. These wheels react with an unsurpassed elegance as you slide across ice or wet surfaces. It serves as a continual reminder that you are fully in control of your future, regardless of how slick the road may be. It’s like having an invisible safety net.

The Gold Tires combine precision with versatility. These wheels provide a tactical advantage that can tip the scales in your favour whether you’re navigating ice tracks, wet highways, or any condition that tests your grip.

The Gold Tires are perfect for that epic 100cc quest for victory!


Best Wheels in Mario Kart 8 c

As we reach the end of our investigation into the best wheels available in Mario Kart 8, it is clear that these seemingly insignificant parts can really make or break your karting experience.

The perfect wheels may arrange a harmonious blend of speed, control, and style, converting your gaming experience into a musical masterpiece, much like a symphony conductor waving their baton.

We have figured out the complex dance between acceleration, handling, and traction in the whirlwind of Mushroom Kingdom tracks and thrilling races, all the while keeping our eyes on the winning goal.

With every turn and twist of our digital steering wheels, we’ve discovered the secret of the Azure Rollers’ unmatched grip and the Slick wheels’ exquisite elegance, which lead us around dangerous turns with the composure of an expert dancer.

Nevertheless, keep in mind, fellow racers, that the key to success isn’t just choosing the flashiest set of wheels; it’s also about recognising your playstyle, accepting the challenge, and adjusting to every twist and turn life throws your way, both on and off the virtual track.

Your success in Mario Kart 8 depends on a careful balancing act of talent, strategy, and, of course, a dash of that priceless, pixelated luck. This is similar to how a kart depends on the synergy of its wheels, axles, and chassis to survive.

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