13 Best Video Games With Bears, That’ll Smell Ya Coming!

While Bears might be intimidating with their large posture and the amount of meat that they’ll consume in a day. They’re also highly intelligent and gentile creatures that scour our planet looking for food.

There are lots of games about bears that are just foraging for food, whether that be plants, berries or nuts to consuming your entire party in one swoop of their large paws!

In this article, we’ll be covering some of the games about bears to make sure you’ll want to climb up that tree and use it as a scratching post.


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Whether you’re scared of bears or love these large furry animals, you’ll be happy to check out our list of the best video games with bears.

They will range from a wide variety of consoles so be sure to check out our entire list in order to not miss a beat!

Best Video Games With Bears b Franklin Fizzlybear - Viva Pinata

13. Franklin Fizzlybear – Viva Pinata

As you’re creating and making a wonderfully thriving pinata garden while attacking and caring for them you’ll encounter this lovable bear Franklin Fizzybear.

It’s incredibly friendly and playful which you wouldn’t expect from a bear. Franklin actually enjoys spending time with other pinata’s and going through the activities like parties and races.

You’ll have a ton of fun while playing Viva Pinata and love watching them grow and evolve into new species.

1. Banjo – Banjo-Kazooie

While you wouldn’t want to give Banjo a bear hug, you could pick up your N64 controller and have him run around collecting everything in plain sight. That’s the name of the game in this collectathon where you’ll go around finding honeycombs and jiggies in order to progress further in the game.

We loved every minute of controlling this banjo playing furry bear. It’s like the makers of Rare took what made Super Mario 64 so great and amplified every aspect of it. You’re end result is one of the best 3d platformers of all time.


When it comes to games about bears, players are in for a wild adventure like no other. Through an immersive experience, these games let players assume the role of a bear, exploring gorgeous landscapes, coming up against numerous obstacles, and discovering engrossing narratives.

Games about bears offer a genuinely distinct and welcome perspective on topics like surviving in the wild, setting out on grand expeditions, and fighting fierce foes.

Games featuring bears often use interesting gameplay elements that perfectly convey what it’s like to be a bear. These games offer a deep and varied gameplay experience, ranging from scavenging for food, hunting prey, and navigating hazardous terrain to socialising with other animals and learning the art of survival.

Players can fully immerse themselves in the bear’s world because to the simple controls and smooth mechanics, which fosters a sense of empowerment and connection.

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