Best Star Trek Video Games

It’s no secret that the Star Trek franchise has created massive following since it’s inception leading back all the way to 1966 when Captain Kirk and Spock were abord the USS Enterprise. New Star Trek movies and television shows are still being produced today. So of course with a franchise this popular, would span many tabletop, card games and of course video games using the license.

Having experiences on home computers, consoles and now on mobile devices, it’s with our regard to bring you the best experiences that a Star Trek game has to offer.


Star Trek: Online

Star Trek Online is the definition of a Star Trek game. It’s a free to play MMO featuring the ST universe. It’s coming from the Cryptic Studios the same developers who’ve created City of Heroes.

For starters, Star Trek: Online is one of the nicest looking MMOs out there. You’ll start off by creating your own character, where you can make something so versatile even though you’ll only look at this character about 20% of the time.

STO is broken up into two major parts, As you travel through space you’ll go around completing episodes by blasting enemy ships. The combat method is featured on a 2d plane. You’ll also be fighting on the ground where you’ll blast your way through each episode. We found that we liked the space missions more so than what is handled on the ground.

Star Trek: Online is the best game in the entire universe and deserves your attention if you’re a fan of the series.

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