Best PS2 RPGS of All Time!

Role-playing game enthusiasts are aware that the PlayStation 2 was the pinnacle of the genre.

The PS2 library was brimming with great RPG experiences, from venerable classics to cutting-edge new games.

We’ll review some of the greatest PS2 RPGs ever released.

These games will give hours of deep gameplay, lovable characters, and epic stories whether you’re a lifelong fan or a beginner to the genre.

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20. Final Fantasy X

Best PS2 RPGS Final Fantasy X

The realm of Spira, where Final Fantasy X is located, is inhabited by a monstrous entity known as Sin. You will take control of Tidus, a teenage athlete from Zanarkand who is suddenly transferred to Spira.

Turn-based gameplay means that you’ll alternately fight against the badest of bad guys, cast spells, and heal your party members. The game also has a special “sphere grid” system that lets you alter the skills and stats of your characters.Any RPG enthusiast must play Final Fantasy X.

It is an enduring masterpiece that endures the test of time because to its engaging tale, immersive universe, and original gameplay. You won’t want to miss out on this spectacular experience, whether you’ve been a devoted follower for a while or are just discovering the series.

19. Kingdom Hearts

Best PS2 RPGS Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts brings you an extremely unique gameplay mechanic that is considered to be an original fusion of role-playing and action adventure.

You’ll play as Sora, as he travels to numerous worlds, taking on tons of baddies in combat, carefully developing that skills you have at hand. Being able to use and incredible amount of magical spells, a great amount of unique weapons, and special techniques to tackle even the greatest amount of enemies that come your way.

We guarantee that you’ll be kept on the edge of your seats by the story’s incredible and stunning emotional moments, character growth, and plot surprises. You won’t be disappointing in playing Kingdom Hearts, we promise you this.

Kingdom Hearts is easily one of the best ps2 action RPGs, hands down!

18. Shadow of the Colossus

Best PS2 RPGS Shadow of the Colossus

In Shadow of the Colossus, you play as Wander, a young guy who has to fend against 16 enormous animals in order to revive the enigmatic Mono. The gameplay puts you in the perspective where you’re riding a horse through a large, open-world landscape in quest of the next colossus to slay.

You’ll be set off to figure out how to scale the enormous creature and locate its weak spots in order to defeat each colossus, which poses a different challenge.

While carefully avoiding each of the attacks while simultaneously hitting the colossus in order to bring it down in these huge and furious confrontations. Although Shadow of the Colossus is a patient and strategic game, the results are definitely worth the effort. Bringing you one of the best PS2 RPGs ever.

17. Dark Cloud 2

Best PS2 RPGS Dark Cloud 2

One of Dark Cloud 2’s best features is the narrative. In order to stop a potent evil force from destroying the world, Max and Monica must employ their special skills in the Norune universe.

The game has a rich and captivating plot that will hook gamers from start to finish. It is simple to identify with the characters because they are well-developed and have different personalities.

Basically, everyone who’s ever thought of playing an RPG should play Dark Cloud 2.

It has a completely original gameplay structure, a fantastic plot line that will keep you engaged for days, and stunning graphics that are still hold up greatly today. You owe it to yourself to play it if you haven’t already.

16. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

Best PS2 RPGS Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

Dragon Quest VIII is the pinnacle of traditional RPG gameplay. A large and stunning world full of mysteries, creatures, and treasures are filled throughout this extremely vivid world for you to set out and explore.

Taking on the hero, you’ll be able to head out to your very own quest to reverse the curse that has befallen the realm. Turn-based combat is the name of the game in this glorious RPG, is no surprise given it’s a Dragon’s Quest game.

With a ton of side missions at your disposal if you’re up for it, Dragon Quest VIII will keep you entertained for over 60 hours of fun filled gameplay. If you’re looking for a long rpg game, look no further than Dragon Quest VIII.

15. Persona 4

Best PS2 RPGS Persona 4

In Persona 4, a JRPG, social simulation and dungeon crawling are combined. A group of high school kids who are investigating a string of paranormal killings in a small town are the game’s main characters.

The main character and his buddies are controlled by the player as they explore the town and different dungeons and engage in turn-based combat with opponents. The game also has a distinctive Persona system that allows players to call forth strong creatures to aid them in combat.

Persona 4 does an excellent job in the story line department. Tackling some serious subjects like self-acceptance, identity, and the value of friendship. The murder mystery investigation and the protagonist’s day-to-day activities make up the two primary sections of the tale.

14. Suikoden V

Best PS2 RPGS Suikoden V

Suikoden V ought to be high on your list of must-play games if you enjoy PS2 RPGs. This 2006 PlayStation 2 game has an engrossing plot and captivating gameplay that will keep you fascinated for hours.

Suikoden V is set in a world where you’ll be dealing with some real issues like politics, conflict, and magic. Being able to explore various towns, gathering a fine assortment of items along the way and assembling parties of people in the game’s expansive open world.

Oh and did we forget to mention that you’ll need to strategically plan each of your moves in order to overcome the baddest of bad guys in the fight system.

13. Xenosaga Episode I

Best PS2 RPGS Xenosaga Episode I

A superb RPG with a rich and compelling story, challenging gameplay, and endearing characters is Xenosaga Episode I. Even though it might not have been a commercial success, this sci-fi RPG classic is still adored by aficionados of the genre and is highly recommended for those who enjoy it.

We thoroughly enjoyed playing through every minute of the roughly 40 hour main quest. With so many twists and turns along the way, each of the playable characters will keep you entertained. Filled with their own backstories and set of unique skills, Xenosaga is one of the greatest PS2 RPGs ever.

12. Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

Best PS2 RPGS Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

Action-packed role-playing game Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria takes players on a fantastic journey through the world of Midgard. Utilising your cunning and skills to progress through the game’s numerous levels and get rid of its tough but compelling foes.

The game has a unique warfare system that calls for quick thinking and reactions. Up to four characters can be controlled by you at once, and each has special talents and powers.

Bringing you another 40+ hour game, there’s plenty of meat on the bones here. This is surely no sight of a short RPG game to take on. Valkrie Profile will keep you entertained for days upon end.

11. Grandia III

Best PS2 RPGS Grandia III

Turn-based and real-time fighting are both the name of the game in Grandia III’s gameplay. Being able to command a group of characters who use a variety of weapons and magic spells to take on the enemies throughout the game.

Battles in the game become more complex and interesting thanks to an inventive fighting system that lets players cancel opponent strikes and answer with their own. You’ll be extremely busy while levelling up your characters as you progress through the Grandia III. Unlocking new skills and spells that will make your party even stronger throughout the toughest of battles.

A classic RPG that has stood the test of time is Grandia III. It is an absolute must-play for any RPG lover because to its compelling gameplay, gripping narrative, and gorgeous graphics. So why are you still waiting?

10. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

Best PS2 RPGS Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

Persona 3 FES’s gameplay is very stunning. Players in the game must manoeuvre through daily life while fending off supernatural foes known as Shadows in a setting that is based on a school.

Persona 3 FES stands out from other games in the genre because to its distinctive fusion of life simulation and RPG components, making it a must-play for fans of RPGs.

A must-play RPG, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES provides a memorable gaming experience.

This game has justifiably earned its place among the best RPGs of all time because to its distinctive fusion of life simulation and RPG components, gripping narrative, and excellent sales figures.

9. Odin Sphere

Best PS2 RPGS Odin Sphere

The Odin Sphere storyline is a grand tale of deceit and intrigue set in a magical and fantastical planet. The game is set in the realm of Valentine, which is governed by the ruthless and mysterious King Valentine.

Odin Sphere’s gameplay is focused on battle and alchemy. Five characters are controlled by the player, each of whom has a distinct fighting style and set of skills. The player must avoid, block, and strike their opponents precisely in the fierce and fast-paced battle system.

Fast-paced combat, alchemy, and an epic plot set in a magical and fantastical universe are all features of the role-playing game Odin Sphere.

Fans of the genre just must play it because of its compelling gameplay, gorgeous aesthetics, and engaging plot. Odin Sphere might just be one of the best ps2 RPGs you never played.

8. Tales of the Abyss

Best PS2 RPGS Tales of the Abyss

You’ll be on the edge of your seat playing Tales of the Abyss, an action-packed role-playing game. The setting of the game is the land of Auldrant, where you and your party will take on the main character of Luke fon Fabre, a young lord.

The gameplay combines exploration, combat, and character growth. Luke must use his talents to overcome his larger than life opponents in real-time battles. The Field of Fonons, a novel element in the game, also enables you to personalise your spells and attacks.

Any RPG enthusiast must play Tales of the Abyss. The game is one of the best RPGs ever created thanks to its captivating gameplay, rich story, and endearing characters. No matter if you’re a fan of the action packed battle scenes, Tales of the Abyss is one of the best PS2 role playing games you should totally check out.

7. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

Best PS2 RPGS Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter has developed a reputation among RPG fans as a hidden gem despite not being a commercial success when it was first released.

The game has earned a spot among the best RPGs of all time because to its distinctive gaming mechanics, compelling story, and immersive environment, and aficionados of the genre should still play it.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is a post-apocalyptic game that centres around Ryu, a member of a resistance movement battling an oppressive government. In order to ensure a better future for humanity, Ryu must brave the perils of the hidden city of Shelter with his friends and learn the truths about the past.

6. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Best PS2 RPGS Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

One of the key factors contributing to Star Ocean: Till the End of Time’s appeal among RPG lovers is its narrative. The plot of the game centres on the journey of Fayt Leingod, a young man who becomes embroiled in a conflict between two factions.

As the plot develops, Fayt learns of a plot that poses a threat to the cosmos as a whole. Depending on the player’s decisions, the game has numerous endings, which increases its replay value.

Over a million copies of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time were sold globally, making it a significant commercial success. Due to the game’s popularity, a sequel, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, was made and released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

We had a blast playing through Star Ocean and for sure you will as well!

5. Final Fantasy XII

Best PS2 RPGS Final Fantasy XII

Since its debut in 2006, Final Fantasy XII has become an enduring classic and swept the gaming industry. With its magnificent visuals, engaging gameplay, and gripping plot, it’s a game that has defined an entire generation of RPGs.

Final Fantasy XII is a well-known example of a people rising up against an oppressive government. Vaan, a teenage orphan with aspirations of becoming a sky pirate, is the character that players assume.

He encounters a variety of memorable people as he travels around the country of Ivalice, including the princess Ashe, the disgraced knight Basch, and the sky pirate Balthier. They set off on a trip to liberate Ivalice from the rule of the Archadian Empire together.

4. Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

Best PS2 RPGS Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

You can read a tale set in a fantastical universe where two races—Humans and Deimos—are at war in Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. Kharg and Darc, the two major protagonists that each represent one of the two races, are controlled by the players. Players will learn the truth of the battle and the secrets of their world as the plot develops.

Turn-based combat is used in Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, which is simple to learn but difficult to master. The team of characters that the player controls must use their talents and abilities to combat adversaries and advance through the game.

3. Okami

Best PS2 RPGS Okami

Okami is the perfect game for you if you enjoy Japanese mythology. Okami, a 2006 PlayStation 2 release that was created by Clover Studio, has garnered a cult following thanks to its stunning aesthetics, distinctive gameplay, and gripping narrative.

The main plot of Okami is an action-adventure game that takes on the really cool looking main character Amaterasu, a sun goddess who has assumed the appearance of a white wolf. The environment of the game is based on Japanese mythology, and its distinctive graphic design is reminiscent of old-school Japanese ink paintings.

The celestial brush, an instrument that enables Amaterasu to write symbols on the screen that can change the world, is the foundation of the battle system used in the game. Okami is a really unique RPG game that has taken fans by storm, you won’t want to miss out on this epic experience.

2. Radiata Stories

Best PS2 RPGS Radiata Stories

A gripping tale, top-notch gameplay, and breathtaking graphics come together in Radiata Stories to create an engaging RPG experience that will keep you fascinated for hours. This blog article will examine the gameplay, plot, release, and sales of Radiata Stories in more detail.

The tale of Radiata Stories is a gripping one of friendship, treachery, and self-discovery. Jack Russell, the main character in the game, is a young knight with aspirations of joining the Radiata Knights, a prestigious order of warriors. But he soon discovers that the Knights’ beliefs and principles are at odds with his own, forcing him to make difficult decisions and deal with the repercussions of his choices.

We fell in love with the 30 hour main quest in Radiata Stories. For those looking from a completionist’s standpoint, it’ll take you a whopping 120 hours to conquer this epic quest. Better pack your tent because you’ll be needing a place to sleep for this funny RPG game.

1. Rogue Galaxy

Best PS2 RPGS Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy offers a distinctive fusion of action-packed gameplay and strategic gameplay. Using a squad of characters with a variety of skills and powers, you’ll engage in real-time combat against foes that calls for careful planning and quick thinking.

Rogue Galaxy, which takes place in the far future, tells the tale of Jaster, a young man who yearns for exploration and adventure. When he encounters a space pirate by the name of Dorgengoa, he is immediately drawn into a perilous adventure to defend the galaxy from an evil threat.


We’re glad to bring you the absolute best RPGs that the glorious PS2 has to offer. From action packed experiences to turn based adventures, we’ve got you covered.

Take it for yourself, though; each of these games has established itself as a classic, with passionate followings and favourable reviews to prove it.

It’s never been simpler to play the greatest PS2 RPGs ever, thanks to the availability of many of these games on contemporary platforms or via digital download.

Here is a recap of all of the games we’ve covered in this article:

  1. Final Fantasy X
  2. Kingdom Hearts
  3. Shadow of the Colossus
  4. Dark Cloud 2
  5. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
  6. Persona 4
  7. Suikoden V
  8. Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht
  9. Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
  10. Grandia III
  11. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES
  12. Odin Sphere
  13. Tales of the Abyss
  14. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter
  15. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
  16. Final Fantasy XII
  17. Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
  18. Okami
  19. Radiata Stories
  20. Rogue Galaxy

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