Best GBC ROM Hacks You Need To Try Now

Many gamers have a special affection for the Game Boy Colour (GBC), a cherished portable gaming system. Despite being published more than twenty years ago, its game collection still holds the attention of gamers of all ages. Even the most treasured games, though, can get stale after time.

GBC ROM hacks, fortunately, are a solution that let you revisit your favourite GBC games in a brand-new way. These hacks are alterations made to the original game’s code that enable the addition of additional levels, characters, and gameplay elements.

We’ll examine the top GBC ROM hacks in this article so you may improve your vintage gaming experience and take pleasure in your favourite games to a whole new level.


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1. Pokemon Perfect Crystal – Original Version

Best GBC ROM Hacks Pokemon Perfect Crystal - Original Version

Although it wasn’t flawless, Pokemon Crystal was a classic that many Game Boy and Game Boy Colour fans loved. You may now play the game as it was intended to be played thanks to a new hack.

This hack was intended to provide a perfect, final version of Pokemon Crystal. One where all Pokemon are captureable and obvious bugs from the first game have been corrected. All 251 Pokemon are now accessible for capture in the traditional game, and those that usually develop through exchanges may now do so using stones.

The availability of stones and products that were previously only available through Mystery Gift at department shops are only a few of the game’s minor adjustments. After unlocking Mount Silver, the GS Ball and Celebi event may now be started. A number of bugs have also been repaired, including issues with several of Kurt’s balls and a number of objects.

In conclusion, this hack is unquestionably worthwhile to try out if you’re a lover of the vintage Pokemon Crystal game. You’ll get a whole new gaming experience thanks to the extra features.

Why not try it out and make your own judgement?

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