12 Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks – Ultimate Gaming Fun (2023)

Pokemon players are always looking for fresh ways to play their favourite title. ROM hacks are a terrific way to spice up your Pokemon adventure, whether you’re bored of playing the same game over and again or seeking for a fresh challenge.

We’ll present you to the top GBC Pokemon ROM hacks in this article, which will provide you a unique gaming experience and keep you entertained for hours.


The places in this hack version have been revamped, and many of the dungeons and paths are much more dangerous than previously.

Since the default movesets are much more dangerous and every non-boss trainer in the game got an AI boost, even Team Rocket members and leaders now pose a serious threat.

The distribution of wild Pokemon has greatly improved, and their levels are comparable to trainers’. Early on, you can now catch a wide range of Pokemon, and the occasional egg from the nursery provider can produce one shiny Pokemon, which might be one of the starters, Dratini, Larvitar, one of two Tyrogues with differing attack DVs, Magby, Smoochum, Elekid, or an Eevee.

The hack version of Pokemon Crystal is ideal for you if you’re seeking a challenge and want to capture them all.

This hack version of Pokemon delivers a distinctive and thrilling Pokemon experience with new locations, improved wild Pokemon distribution, difficult bosses, and consequences to losing your Pokemon in battle.

Pikachu Tee

5. Pokémon Green in English

Best GBC Pokemon ROM Hacks Pokémon Green in English

Pokemon Red and Green were the first games to be released in Japan, whereas only Red and Blue were. Since then, Green has drawn greater notice, most likely as a result of its lack of international release. The restrictions of the original Green rom make it difficult to attempt to translate the Japanese Green version into English.

Someone bought a Japanese copy of Green on eBay and after playing it realised it needed a thorough translation. The character restrictions in the original Green version hampered previous translations, which led to shortened names for Pokemon and attacks.

In order to make an English Green version of Pokemon Blue, the individual began altering Pokemon Blue. The crew eventually grew to five members as more people expressed interest in the project.

This hack of Pokemon Blue seeks to recapture Pokemon Green’s original gameplay. For anyone who were turned off by the language barrier or poor translation of the original Green version, this version has nearly everything altered back to how it was in the original.

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