Best Gamecube RPGs: A Complete Guide

If you’re like us RPGs, you’re probably wondering what is the best Gamecube RPG game.

The GameCube brought us some of the finest games within the entire genre throughout gaming history. Whether you enjoy exploring magical worlds or prefer more tactical gaming, the GameCube has something for everyone.

We’ll be covering the finest RPG titles for the GameCube platform that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end.

So, prepare to elevate your gaming experience with some of the best GameCube RPGs available!


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10. Mega Man X Command Mission

Best Gamecube RPGs Mega Man X Command Mission Cover

Mega Man X Command Mission contains typical turn-based action with a twist: by filling up your opponent’s tension gauge, you can manipulate their turns. Character-specific skills are also available, as is a complicated weapon system that lets you to create your own weapons by customising parts and using them to develop your characters.

The RPG aspects of the game are extremely balanced, with some heavy grinding at times, some unique character advancement, and a vast range of weaponry, making it an absolute blast to play.

Mega Man X Command Mission’s graphics are competent but not innovative. The game combines 2D and 3D features, with a concentration on cell-shaded graphics, to create a distinct appearance that distinguishes it from other Mega Man titles.

The well-crafted RPG system in Mega Man X Command Mission keeps players engaged through a decent amount of gameplay practise while also allowing for character and weapon customization.

Another notable element is the game’s storyline, which is engaging enough to keep players’ attention. We did find that the game’s focus on turn-based combat can be repetitive, and the graphics, while different, cannot be described as cutting-edge.

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