Best Fire Emblem Games: A Definitive Guide

You’ve probably heard of Fire Emblem if you like turn-based tactical RPGs. With over 20 really long games in the series, it’s incredibly difficult to know even how to begin. The Fire Emblem franchise has something for everyone, from the original classics that started it all to the latest entries with their amazing graphics and innovative features.

We’ll be diving incredibly into the deep end into the universe of Fire Emblem and look at some of the series’ best titles. You’ll be hearing a lot of everything from the epic plot designs and standalone characters to the exciting gameplay mechanics and amazing amounts of replayability so you can make an informed decision about which game to play next.

So buckle up and grab your sword and shield and hang on for this unreal ride of tactical RPGs.

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15. Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile)

Best Fire Emblem Games Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile)

Fire Emblem Heroes, developed by Nintendo, mixes basic gaming principles with revolutionary new features, making it stand out among its contemporaries. The combat system in the game is deep and entertaining, rewarding strategy and critical thought. You’ll have a busy time constructing your own team, carefully choosing based on their own sets of strengths and weaknesses to boot.

One of Fire Emblem Heroes’ primary qualities is its accessibility. Heroes is supposed to be more friendly for new players than earlier Fire Emblem games, which were famously challenging. We loved the informative tutorial that helped guide our way through the fundamentals of battle and character management, making it simple to pick up and play.

Fire Emblem Heroes has eye-catching graphics and a gripping plot, in addition to entertaining gameplay. Each of the characters is so unique and made us want more each time we played. It’s also frequently updated, making for an amazing experience each time a new feature is added.

14. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light (Switch eShop)

Best Fire Emblem Games Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light (Switch eShop)

We absolutely loved the completely simple and uncomplicated game mechanics of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light. Making it an easy choice for one of the best fire emblem games ever.

Giving you an extremely easy-to-use interface that facilitates character interaction, map navigation, and gaming. with it’s unique mix of JRPG elemental style character creation, a really slick way to navigate the map and traditional turn based fighting to give you truly the best of both worlds experience.

The classic gaming mechanics, interesting characters, and captivating storyline set this game apart from the rest. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light, as one of the initial entries in the series, laid the groundwork for the remainder of the series. The gameplay is well-balanced, seamlessly mixing strategy, tactical, and RPG components. The characters can be a little on the bland side, being on the NES and all. All things considered, the plot is extremely subversive and completely compelling at times, with political references and extremely dramatic conflicts.

Even though it was published in 1990 on an 8-bit platform and can feel a bit outdated at times, it still manages to captivate our interest with its razor sharp pixelized graphics and sound that have withstood the test of time. We loved the great chiptune music as we battled our way to each victory along the way.

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