Best Castlevania Games – A Definitive List

Castlevania, one of the most creative horror video game franchises of all time, has a long and illustrious history spanning three decades.

There is no shortage of fantastic Castlevania titles to choose from, ranging from the early games’ basic side-scrolling action to the wholly new and gigantic metroidvania adventures.

You may be thinking which Castlevania game is the best of all time.

So, whether you’ve been a fan for a long time or are new to the franchise, we’ll cover everything from NES classics to massive genre defining moments.

Keep reading to find the finest Castlevania games of all time!

We hope you’re ready to visit the haunting corridors of Dracula’s castle and combat some of gaming’s most horrific monsters!

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Castlevania is a well-known franchise that has something for everyone in our eyes. Whether its the classic platforming action of the early entries to the sophisticated RPG aspects of the latter games.

While all Castlevania games are enjoyable, a few stand out above the rest. Symphony of the Night is still a fan favourite due to its creative gameplay and timeless design.

Another wonderful title with solid mechanics and tough gameplay is Circle of the Moon, while Dracula’s Curse provides a classic platforming experience that is still enjoyable to play today.

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